About Azion

Azion Corporation

Established in 1991, Azion Corporation, a Taiwan-based company, provides solutions in Information Technology, Networking, Big Data Analytic, AI Video Analytic, and e-Loan. Azion Co. has been dedicating in providing services to customers in various industriesfinancial, law-enforcement, government departments, and all sizes of enterprises.

Azion Co.'s core competences are our well integrated ICT technical knowledges and industry domain knowledges. Azion Co. has been representing worldwide leading companies such as Cisco, a Gold Partner, Dell, a platinum Partner, and a first-tier partner with Microsoft, VMWare, HP, IBM, Oracle, etc.. Azion Co. works closely with our customers. For banks, we provide e-Loan system and big data/AI analytic solutions. For enterprises, we provide island-wide broadband networking, security, disaster recovery, call center solutions. For law-enforcement, we provide intelligence integration analytics system, AI video analytic in crime investigation solution. Our services are 24x7 for our major customers and their thousands of branches.

Azion Co. develops our own Big Data and AI solutions. We own a patented text search and mining engine product, Gufonet. These patented technologies build the fundamental platform for a variety of Big Data analytics applications. Azion Co. distributes Vaidio, an AI-based video recognition solutions used by enterprises and governments across the world. By combining these technologies, Azion Co. creates a Big Data analytics platform that integrates structured data, text data, and video data to develop operationalanalytical systems tailor made for customers needs.

Our vision is to become the leader in the cloud service market with a focus on Big Data, AI, and ICT infrastructure platform with our unique technologies. With vision, technologies, and services, Azion Corporation is dedicated to become a lifelong partner with our customers.